even more bang for buck!

Summer has started, and we promise we won’t bother you unless we have great news ;)

Thanks to the huge amount of sessions abstracts we received and your participation in our polls on social media, we had an abundance of input.

In order to give as many people as possible the chance to speak we’ve created a sixth track!

  • DBA track
  • DEV track
  • BI track
  • Power BI track
  • Advanced Analytics track
  • Newcomer track

And that’s not all, we’ve also added a sixth slot to all of the six tracks. Now if that isn’t worth your while!

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What we have in store for you

  • 41 sessions + 1 keynote
  • 2 days
  • 5 precon sessions on Oct 15th
  • 5 ? 6 tracks with each 5 ? 6 sessions on Oct 16th
  • 5 ? 6 newcomer sessions on Oct 16th (NEW!)
  • 2 ask the expert sessions (NEW!)

Some fun facts 

  • 12 nationalities - We’ve brought together speakers from around the world: United States, New Zealand, Ukraine, India and much more. Like always, our Belgian speakers are represented in great numbers too!
  • In total 41 speakers will give a session.
  • 5 level 400 sessions, 13 level 300 sessions, 21 level 200 sessions and 2 level 100 sessions.

Reasons enough why you can’t miss out on the largest Microsoft Data Platform Conference in the Benelux. Hurry up, there’s only 11 days left for you to get your early bird tickets and save:

  • Pre-conference & conference €375 ? €325
  • Conference €175 ? €150
  • Valid until 15/07/2018

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