Frederik Aerts' SQL Superheroes

Picking a favourite among so many appealing sessions is though. Of course, it goes without saying that my favourite sessions are those given by my Kohera colleagues: Frederik, Ken and Sammy. But hey, I was asked to pick one and only one. I hope my two other co-workers will forgive me, but I would really like to see the session of Sammy Deprez. He’ll focus on Azure Data Lake Analytics. Did he just say you can use SQL to query your files? Interesting! He’ll show us how we can predict data before it has even reached our database. Alright, Sammy! You’ve got my attention. Even though I had to pick one session, luckily, there’s enough time to attend several other sessions during the day. Expect a visit Frederik and Ken! Let the SQL-games begin!

Frederik Aerts

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