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Every day, new things are happening in the data community. At dataMinds - - Connect we give you insights to fuel your data engine. With our preconference and conference sessions we’ve got you covered. This, of course, will be followed by finger licking food and refreshing drinks while you can have a chat with other data enthusiasts. We're halfway with our early bird ticket sale for #dataMindsConnect, get your discount while you still can ;).

Precon featured speaker sneak peak

We’ve announced Uwe Ricken and Enrico van de Laar.

We’re excited to announce the next name for you to add to your agenda: Hugo Kornelis --SQL Server community expert   

Our DEV track will be manned by Hugo Kornelis, an established SQL Server community expert. He’s a blogger, technical editor of a variety of books and Pluralsight author. He is a SQL Server MVP since 2006 and spends a lot of time at conferences.

Hugo is a community collaborator when not busy at his day job as freelance database developer and consultant. The most recent proof of this is the Execution Plan Reference, an online repository for all things you’d ever want to know about execution plan operators!

In this full-day workshop, you will learn everything you need to know to take your understanding of execution plans to the next level. 

We'll also discuss and preview several operators that were introduced or modified in the newer versions of SQL Server.

In short: after this workshop, you will be better prepared to look at execution plans, find the spot where it hurts, and then rewrite your query to get a faster execution plan. 

Does this trigger you? The Call for Speakers for dataMinds Connect is still open until June 15th, be quick if you want to make your mark in the data community.

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