The Kardashians according to Egon Vandenrijdt

My favourite DataMinds–Connect sessions this year? That’s a hard one. As a DBA, I’m highly interested in more in-depth sessions on a couple of very specific topics. To start with, I’m really looking forward to ‘SQL Server <3 Linux’ by Frederik Bogaerts, just like Pieter. Not only because of the topic, but I am also a big fan of Frederik’s enthusiasm about SQL Server.

The second session on my must-see list, is ‘Transform your database into Azure SQL’ that Pieter Vanhove will give. He’s a great speaker and I’ve never went to a session by him that’s disappointing or dull. What I’m also interested in is the session by Nico Jacobs ‘When SQL Server makes mistakes’, which will handle execution plans and Adaptive Query Processing in SQL Server 2017.

As a Database Architect however, my heart goes out to the data world. Therefore, the sessions by Sammy Deprez and Enrico van de Laar are at the top of my list. Respectively called ‘Data Lake Analytics’ and ‘Advanced Analytics in the cloud’.

Egon Vandenrijdt

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