Aaron Bertrand

Aaron Bertrand is a Product Manager at SentryOne, makers of performance and event management software for SQL Server, Windows, Azure, and virtualized environments.

He has worked with SQL Server since version 6.5 and is a frequent contributor to blogs and community events. 

Sessions by Aaron Bertrand :

Adam Saxton

Texas based Adam Saxton is Senior Content Developer at Microsoft and focuses on BI technologies, including Power BI. Adam has worked with Power BI from the beginning, supporting SQL Server connectivity and Reporting Services since 2005. He now helps to produce content along with Reporting Services and Analysis Services.

Recognized Adam from his picture? Maybe you’ve seen him on this own YouTube channel as Guy in a Cube, to which he contributes weekly.

Sessions by Adam Saxton :

Alain Lissoir

Alain Lissoir is a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft working on Business Analytics for Azure SQL DB, DW, VM, MySQL, PostGre and SQL Server 2016/2017.

His primary focus is driving engineering and customer usage based on the live blood of the service: Data collection and Insight. Alain has been in the industry for many years supporting customers and driving engineering excellence through best practices, data and KPI, paying a particular attention to Azure SQL business insight respect to growth, feature adoptions, Availability and Engineering feedback.

From Azure Active Directory to Azure SQL Databases, Alain pursue his journey on different aspects of the Azure services through his career, including the SQL engine, to continuously improve the Engineering quality, the customer metrics and the telemetry quality to help in making data driven decisions every day.

Sessions by Alain Lissoir :

Alexander Klein

Alexander Klein is a senior Business Intelligence consultant with more than 15 years of experience. He focuses on Business Intelligence and Datawarehouse projects with Microsoft technologies like SQL Server, Power BI, Azure ML or Cortana Intelligence. Since 2008, he has been a self-employed consultant in large and medium-sized projects in all sectors in Europe. He has been visiting SQL Saturdays all over Europe since 2013, and he has already been seen as a attandee at the Pass Summit.
Sessions by Alexander Klein :

Allan Hirt

SQL Server mission critical expert Allan Hirt is a dual Microsoft MVP (Data Platform; Cloud and Datacenter Management) as well as a VMware vExpert.

He has been working with and helping customers using SQL Server since 1992 when it was still a Sybase product.

Allan is the founder of SQLHA LLC which provides consulting and training worldwide on all mission critical topics such as virtualization, architectures, high availability, disaster recovery, and is the author of numerous books, whitepapers, and articles.

Sessions by Allan Hirt :

Andrea Martorana Tusa

Senior BI developer working in IT department of an Italian banking group. Focused in IT support for Human Resources management. Common tasks: Database development and monitoring, data warehousing, creating BI solutions and reporting, data analysis. MCTS certificated: SQL Server Developer. Speaker at SQL Saturdays in Europe (Danmark, Slovenia, Bulgaria), SQL Nexus, SQL Konferenz, MSCloudSummit France,SQLPASS DW/BI Virtual Chapters. Author for and UGISS (User Group Italiano SQL Server).
Sessions by Andrea Martorana Tusa :

Bart Van Der Vurst

Bart graduated as a Master in Business Engineering with a specialization in Marketing Advanced Analytics in 2013. Since then, Bart is passionate about making impact happen through the use of (Big) data & (Advanced) Analytics. Bart started his professional career as a consultant at McKinsey & Company where he focused on taking the analytical lead on international client projects and similarly learned the skillset of structured project management, (client) team management and managing implementation roadmaps. After 2 years, Bart moved to Paris and started working at ‘Africa Internet Group’ (now called Jumia) as Head of Marketing Intelligence where he was responsible for managing the E2E digital marketing data flow, its analytics & reporting for all 14 operating countries; managing a team of 5 people. Six months in, Bart was asked to lead the entire intelligence team -10 men strong- at Jumia managing a team of both analysts and BI techs. In this role, Bart was in charge of the technical BI set-up (Microsoft SQL Server), the digital tracking and big data set-up (Google Cloud Platform), the creation and visualization of business-relevant reporting in Qlikview and the analytical crunching of recommendations (using R, Python, Pyspark). In this experience, his key achievement was the step-by-step transformation of the company into a technology-enabled organization with self-service BI stack, automated dashboard layer and a clear digital footprint of the customer. Bart’s focus area is to guide organizations in translating their business needs into working tech-enabled solutions. In a world driven by technology (and buzzwords), his both business- and tech- background allow him to act as a translator for clients helping them understand and focus.

Sessions by Bart Van Der Vurst :

Bent Pedersen

I have more than 8 years experience with Microsoft BI, SQL Server and C#/.NET. I have been working as both an internal and an external consultant for different companies in Denmark. For the last 3 years i have been working at Kapacity with enterprise customers on solutions with SSAS Tabular, Datazen, SQL. Within the past year I focus a lot on working with devOps, Automation, testing and simpligying development processes for MS Business intelligence.

Sessions by Bent Pedersen :

Cédric Charlier

Cédric is a talented architect and Data Platform MVP active in the domains of Business Intelligence, Data warehousing, Self-service BI and Data Science. He has more than 15 years of successful experiences with SQL Server in European industrial groups and services companies. Driven by quality and reliability, he is the main developer of an open-source solution for testing BI solutions (cubes, etl, reports) named NBi ( Cédric also advocates for the introduction and general usage of agile practices in BI’s world.
Sessions by Cédric Charlier :

Chrissy Lemaire

 Chrissy is a Windows PowerShell MVP and PASS PowerShell Virtual Group co-lead who has worked in IT for nearly 20 years. She works for General Dynamics and serves as the SQL Server DBA at NATO Special Ops HQ in Belgium. She is also an avid scripter, and has used PowerShell since it was introduced in 2005 at the Microsoft Professional Conference in Los Angeles. Chrissy is the creator of the popular dbatools PowerShell module for SQL Server.
Chrissy is currently pursuing an MS in Systems Engineering at Regis University. In her spare time, she explores Trappist breweries in Belgium with her wife and maintains with her mom and best friend.

Sessions by Chrissy Lemaire :

David Postlethwaite

David Postlethwaite has been a SQL Server and Oracle DBA for Liverpool Victoria in Bournemouth, England for the last 7 years. He supports SQL Servers from 2000 to 2016, DBMS, SSIS, SSAS, Reporting Services and Azure. Before that he was a .NET developer and way back in history a Windows and Netware administrator. He is an occasional blogger on

Sessions by David Postlethwaite :

Enrico van de Laar

Enrico is SQL Server geek from the Netherlands who lives, breathes and talks SQL Server. He is a data platform MVP and frequently speaks at SQL Server events in Europe.

He is also the author of the book Pro SQL Server Wait Statistics and keeps a blog about SQL Server.



Sessions by Enrico van de Laar :

Frederik Bogaerts

Frederik Bogaerts works as a SQL Server Consultant at Kohera, mainly focused on query tuning and T-SQL development projects working with a variety of different SQL server versions. He is always trying to learn more in depth about how the SQL server engine works and how the optimizer thinks.

Sessions by Frederik Bogaerts :

Gianluca Sartori

Gianluca Sartori is a Data Platform MVP, independent consultant and performance tuning specialist. He has been working in the software industry since 1999 and has been working with SQL Server ever since. He also works as a SQL Server trainer and in his spare time he writes technical articles and participates the SQL Server forums. Gianluca enjoys presenting SQL Server topics at conferences in Europe. He is currently working as lead DBA at a famous Formula 1 team.

Sessions by Gianluca Sartori :

Ginger Grant

Ginger Grant, Microsoft VTSP, MVP in Data Platform and frequent blogger for She has worked in business intelligence for a number of industries including transportation, insurance, and healthcare. Looking for answers in data, has led Ginger to advanced analytics and data science, where she currently creates systems to provide solutions to data questions.

As an active member of the data community, she is very excited to have been selected to contribute to the upcoming 2017 PASS Summit by giving a precon on Data Science. The ability to both understand and implement data science techniques are skills many organizations want.

Sessions by Ginger Grant :

Jan Van humbeek

MS BI Consultant & Competence Center Lead

Sessions by Jan Van humbeek :

Johan Ludvig Brattås

Johan Ludvig Brattås is a managing consultant at Capgemini, and a dedicated community guy. He has worked with MS SQL server since late 1999, mostly with BI in one form or another. The last 3 years, most of his work has been in Azure working on both VMs, data lakes, PowerBI and the last year focusing on Azure IoT and Stream Analytics. Combining his passion for MS SQL Server with his passion for sharing knowledge, he has recently started speaking at various events in the SQL Community. This is also a way to give back to the community for all the Things he has learned over the years. When not working, Johan Ludvig either spends his time With his kids, playing with new technology or teaching coeliacs how to bake glutenfree food.

Sessions by Johan Ludvig Brattås :

John Martin

John is a data platform MVP and product manager at SentryOne for the SQL Sentry monitoring solution.

With over a decade of experience working with SQL Server, he has built up extensive expertise in many areas, with customers active in different industries and from countries all around Europe. 



Sessions by John Martin :

Ken Geeraerts

Ken Geeraerts has been working with SQL Server for more than 10 years. His role shifted from developer to business user and back to business intelligence consultant. This career path shows the interest for business and IT and makes it easy to understand why he loves the possibilities of Power BI. During the last 5 years he has been working at Kohera as a Business Intelligence consultant. Next to his consulting work he presents webinars, gives sessions and teaches courses about Power BI and SQL BI.
Sessions by Ken Geeraerts :

Klaas Vandenberghe

Klaas considers himself to be DBA, BI Specialist & Scripter, and has been so for quite a few years. For us, he’s also a local, since he’s from nearby St-Niklaas.
Every time he learns something new about PowerShell, he feels stronger. There really is no end to the magic you can perform with it. He works with files, the Window registry, Active Directory, his MP3 collection, his table tennis calendar, and so much more.
Since being appointed as a DBA in 2011, he’s seen it as his personal mission to make the data entrusted to me more reliable, performant, secure and meaningful day by day.

From the beginning he was looking for ways to use his precious PowerShell while working with more and more SQL Servers. That has been going well for years, and he’s got a real boost when he could join the dbatools project.

Since 2012 all forms of PowerBI and Power BI, Power Query, Power Pivot and the likes complete his powers as a data wizard.

Sessions by Klaas Vandenberghe :

Leonard Lobel

Leonard Lobel (Microsoft MVP, Data Platform) is the chief technology officer and co-founder of Sleek Technologies, Inc., a New York-based development shop with an early adopter philosophy toward new technologies. He is also a principal consultant at Tallan, Inc., a Microsoft National Systems Integrator and Gold Competency Partner. Programming since 1979, Lenni specializes in Microsoft-based solutions, with experience that spans a variety of business domains, including publishing, financial, wholesale/retail, health care, and e-commerce. Lenni has served as chief architect and lead developer for various organizations, ranging from small shops to high-profile clients. He is also a consultant, trainer, and frequent speaker at local usergroup meetings, VSLive, SQL PASS, and other industry conferences. Lenni has also authored several MS Press books and Pluralsight courses on SQL Server programming.

Sessions by Leonard Lobel :

Nico Jacobs

Dr. Nico Jacobs is a Microsoft Business Intelligence and SQL Server trainer and consultant at U2U since 2004. Before that, he was a machine learning (data mining) researcher at the computer science department of the University of Leuven where he obtained a PhD in machine learning. At U2U, Nico creates and delivers courses on the SQL Server business intelligence stack (Integration Services, Analysis Services, Reporting Services …), Power BI, Azure Cortana Intelligence (Big Data) and the traditional relational database environment (database development and administration).
Sessions by Nico Jacobs :

Pieter Vanhove

Pieter Vanhove is a SQL Server Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft Belgium and has been working with SQL Server since 2000. Performance tuning, SQL audits, migrations and training are part of the job. Pieter has also a profound knowledge in implementing high availability and disaster recovery solutions and loves the new Azure stuff. Together with the SQLUG in Belgium, he helps organizing SQL Server Days and is also a regular speaker at Belgian and international events. Pieter recently won the Speaker Idol Contest at PASS Summit 2014.

Sessions by Pieter Vanhove :

Regis Chauffepied

Regis Chauffepied is Senior Solution Architect for DataCore and has been in the company for the past 16 years. He is also in charge of training partners across Southern Europe.


Sessions by Regis Chauffepied :

Rob Sewell

Rob is a SQL Server DBA with a passion for Powershell, Azure, Automation, and SQL (PaaS geddit?). He is an officer for the PASS PowerShell Virtual Chapter and has spoken at and volunteered at many events. He is a member of the committee that organises SQL Saturday Exeter and also European PowerShell Conference. He is a proud supporter of the SQL and Powershell communities. 

He relishes sharing and learning and can be found doing both via Twitter and his blog. He spends most of his time looking at a screen and loves to solve problems. He knows that looking at a screen so much is bad for him because his wife tells him so. Thus, you can find him on the cricket field in the summer and flying a drone in the winter. 

He has a fabulous beard

Sessions by Rob Sewell :

Sammy Deprez

Sammy Deprez (1988) works at Kohera as Microsoft BI Consultant since 2016. He is an experienced developer and specialised in the Microsoft SQL & Cortana Intelligence Stack. His main focus is to help companies to become a data-driven company. He has done projects both locally and abroad, from healthcare to finance. Sammy is very passionate about data en know the future can be changed with it. Therefore he enjoys learning new technical skills and acquiring insights into different functional areas.

Sessions by Sammy Deprez :