Simplifying XEvents Management with dbatools

Speakers: Chrissy Lemaire, Gianluca Sartori

Duration: 1 hour



Extended Events are much more powerful than any other monitoring technology available in SQL Server. Despite this potential, many DBAs have yet to abandon Traces and Profiler. Partially because of habit, but mostly because the tooling around Extended Events was less intuitive until recently.

Now, it's easier than ever to set up, control and inspect Extended Events sessions with dbatools! Not only does it simplify your basic interaction with XEvents, but it also helps solve your day-to-day problems, such as capturing and notifying deadlocks or blocking sessions.

Join PowerShell MVP Chrissy LeMaire and SQL Server MVP Gianluca Sartori to see how PowerShell can simplify and empower your Extended Events experience. Say goodbye to #TeamProfiler and join #TeamXEvents with the power of dbatools.

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