Alain Lissoir

Alain Lissoir is a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft in the Data Platform group. His primary focus is driving engineering and customer usage based on the live blood of the service: Data collection and Insight. Alain has been in the industry for many years supporting customers and driving engineering excellence through best practices, data and KPI, paying a particular attention to Azure SQL business insight respect to growth, feature adoptions, Availability and Engineering feedback. From Azure Active Directory to Azure SQL Databases, Alain pursue his journey on different aspects of Azure services, including the SQL engine, to continuously improve the Engineering quality, the customer metrics and the telemetry quality to help in making data driven decisions every day.


Keynote : Microsoft SQL Server 2019: Expanded Intelligence and SQL Everywhere for versatile usages!


Do you want to learn about the Microsoft Strategy for SQL Server from on-premises to cloud, from bare-metal to containers? Capture in a nutshell a complete overview of all enhancements and new capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server 2019 available in any form of shape, whether you run it in your data center, or use it as a IaaS or PaaS solution such as Azure SQL Managed Instance, whether it runs on Windows, Linux, or in containers and integrates in a Big Data world? Are you a DBA dealing with SQL operations daily? Are you a strategist or an IT director making key decisions about your future investments? Or maybe you are a developer seeking to modernize existing applications or planning to design new ones while leveraging hybrid or pure cloud environments?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this session is for you! Come and attend this keynote introduction session and learn stories from Microsoft SQL engineering team in Redmond on how we keep thinking about SQL for the future in a Big Data World while getting up to speed on this new major release!