Breght Van Baelen

Breght Van Baelen is an all-round data scientist at Cegeka, interested in both data strategy as well as deep-diving into technical details. He believes businesses are drowning in information but starved for knowledge. The practice of knowledge extraction has proven to reduce business costs and increase productivity, making businesses more efficient and effective.

Becoming an active member of the data community, Breght is excited to present an end-to-end solution for predictive maintenance at dataMinds connect 2018. His solution will reduce maintenance & transportation costs and help companies transition from a break-fix model to a prevent-optimize one.


Real-time predictive maintenance with Azure ML Studio & PowerBI



In this session, racing data (a toy dataset) will be used to demonstrate how predictive maintenance can be implemented with an end-to-end Microsoft Azure solutions. First, data from car sensors will be ingested into Azure with Event Hubs. Using Streaming analytics and Azure ML Studio, we'll predict when a car needs a tire change in real-time. The engineers of a racing team can confirm or deny the prediction in a Power BI report with Power Apps, which can be used to further train the AI algorithm.

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