Luka Riester

Luka’s current interests are data related Apache projects like Hadoop, Spark, Kafka and Flink, Azure and hybrid deployments and architectures, analytics frameworks like H2O, Python and more recently Blockchain. Apart from being a consultant-architect with an increasingly important front-facing, customer oriented role, he is also in charge of a team of 40+ data engineers, scientists, and architects deployed on numerous missions. With the "BDA Team" he is participating and leading initiatives in innovation, hackathon and other competitions as well as community involvement.

10+ years in the data industry Luka gained experience by working on numerous IT projects as a technical expert starting from ERP implementations to Business Intelligence, Data warehouse modeling, Big Data & Analytics and IoT projects. His skill-set covers various competencies on different IT platforms accompanied with a sound understanding of business needs and requirements. His specialties cover technical and functional design of data structures with a strong focus on real-time, batch and hybrid data integration, analytics industrialization and end-user data interaction.


5 ways how Azure Databricks made our life easier!



Receiving signals from over 4000 endpoints every second results in a large amount of data to ingest, process, analyse, visualize and create predictive models on. We used Azure Databricks to process this data and during our talk we will discuss how Azure Databricks facilitated our data science process. 

We’ll share insights on how we went from raw signal data to visualisations in PowerBI, combining different data science languages like Spark and R and benefiting from Azure Databricks features like auto scaling and job scheduling.

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