Sammy Deprez

Sammy Deprez (1988) works at Kohera as Microsoft BI Consultant since 2016. He is an experienced developer and specialised in the Microsoft SQL & Cortana Intelligence Stack. His main focus is to help companies to become a data-driven company. He has done projects both locally and abroad, from healthcare to finance. Sammy is very passionate about data en know the future can be changed with it. Therefore he enjoys learning new technical skills and acquiring insights into different functional areas.


AI in the Sky



At Build! 2018, Microsoft & DJI announced the collaboration between the two by releasing an SDK (in private release) that makes it possible to let developers control a DJ drone.
In this session we want to combine the power of the SDK with Azure Cognitive Services and by making use of a custom build object detection model that will be running on a local machine (edge computing) in combination with WinML.
A full blown AI session that will show the power of the cloud and edge.