Tobias Koprowski

Founder of Shadowland Consulting. In January 2015 decided to permanently leave Poland and discover new worlds. Actually settled in Hucknall (The Last home of The Byron Family). Community leader focused on SQL Server, SharePoint, security, collaboration and ITIL, DR, BCM, and SLA. Love licensing stuff. Microsoft Certified Trainer, freelancer, and consultant. Subject Matter Expert at Microsoft. Member of Microsoft Terminology Community, Friends of RedGate PLUS, PASS, ISSA, ACM and several communities in the world. Since 1st July 2010 Data Platform MVP. Former President of the Polish SQL Server User Group. Creator of SQLDAY Conference and Conference CEO 2009-2011. Co-Leader of PASS East Midlands Group. Speaker at group meetings and conferences. STEM Ambassador. In the free time actively traveling, hiking, cycling, catching moments. Coffe, Music, and Technology addicted.


SECDEV(OPS). How to Brace Your IT Security.



Security? It's simple. We have Security Team... Security of our environment, application, development it's their security. We follow Best Practices, we implementing their's suggestions (or not...).

But maybe today, in June 2018, where GDPR is a fact, we should look a little bit more in details for the security aspects. Well know and less known risks, vulnerability assessments, secure coding, secure testing,

Let's discuss: SEC/DEV/OPS/SDLC/OSSTMM/OWASP/ITIL and few other acronyms. Use freely available knowledge and specially prepared environment to check and test our security before we touch out Visual Studio, PowerShell, CLI, Visual Studio Code, or even JSON. Be #SecureByDesign