Tom Carpentier

Tom is an experienced Business Intelligence Analyst currently working for Ordina, focusing on ETL (using SSIS and BIML), T-SQL development and SSAS. He also enjoys the occasional Power BI work, and loves to learn new technologies, and has recently set his sights on Quantum Computing and Q#. He particularly enjoys sharing his knowledge with others, and has thus been a Microsoft Certified Trainer in both .NET and SQL/BI development since 2012. 


The Quantum Revolution in BI



Reading online news articles, blogs, etc... you would believe the Quantum Revolution is upon us. Apparently, it will solve all of our computing problems (allegedly...)! But what is a Quantum Computer anyway? How does it work? Most importantly, how will it affect me, and my daily job?

Walking out of this session, you will understand the core concepts of Quantum Computing and possible impact on both classic BI and Data Science. Going hands-on we'll see how current versions are being optimized, and how you can start wielding the power of Quantum Computing today (or, maybe tomorrow, soon anyway)!