Building & deploying custom ML models with Azure ML

Azure offers a wide range of services that make it easier than ever to bring intelligence to your business and to create and deploy your own custom machine learning models.

This session will explore the Azure machine learning CLI as an effective tool to train your own models in a streamlined way. We will create our own face recognition model in TensorFlow, evaluate its accuracy and deploy the model both to the cloud and the edge using the CLI.

Additionally, we will shortly explore alternative tools for AI and machine learning in Azure, so that we can pick the best fitting solution for every use case.

The Speaker :

Pieter Sap

Pieter Sap is part of the Intelligent Cloud competence center at Xylos, where he works on Internet of Things and Data Science applications with a strong focus on the Azure stack.


18:00 Welcome
18:30 Session Start
20:00 Session Ends + Networking
21:00 Event Ends


Business Faculty – Xylos Sint Lendriksborre 8, 1120 Brussel

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