Cortana Intelligence – What’s in a name?

As we all know, we’re living in a world increasingly awash in data. The cloud and mobile devices account for huge fractions of the data being generated. But the true value of data cannot be realized in these volumes without analytics to reduce the data into insight, insight that enables action. Microsoft brings complementary product lines to bear on the challenges of Advanced Analytics. Cortana Intelligence Suite provides a rich, end-to-end, cloud-based advanced analytics capability. Microsoft’s R Server and SQL R Services products leverage a predominantly on-premises point of view – designed for users with significant investments in on-premises data, data repositories, and application portfolios. As Goal of this session, I would like to give an high level overview what Microsoft is doing in the Advanced Analytics space.

The Speaker :

Jan Kesters

Jan Kesters is a Data platform Solutions Architect at Microsoft. Before working at Microsoft he was a Data Consultant and worked in various industries.

He is working mainly in the Data Analytics space and truly believes every company can be a Data Driven company.

His areas of interest include everything that has to do with Data and do something interesting with it.


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