Data Science in Production

Build, Train and Operationalize your Machine Learning models using Azure Databricks and Azure ML Services.

Last session this duo presented for us, they focused on preparing data and building a machine learning model in Azure Databricks. In this session they would like to take it a step further. How can you effectively do model management and versioning? How can you deploy this model to production without being a system engineer? How do you monitor and manage our deployed model without being a DevOps engineer? 

Come to this session and find out!

The Speakers :

Nathan Bijnens

Cloud Solution Architect, Advanced Analytics + AI, Microsoft, driving high priority customer initiatives, leveraging Microsoft AI on Azure to solve the biggest and most complex data and IoT challenges.

Wesley Backelant

Wesley Backelant works at Microsoft as a Cloud Solution Architect Data & AI at Microsoft. He is passionate about all things data, big or small.


18:00 Welcome + Food & Drinks
18:30 Session Start
20:30 Session Ends + Networking
21:00 Event Ends


Microsoft (Brussels Airport)
Microsoft Belgium Brussels Airport Building 1K (Passport) 1930 ZAVENTEM Belgium

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