Dive into Azure SQL Database Managed Instance

Azure SQL DB Managed Instance is here, Microsoft want us to use it, but what is it good for and how should you use it? Let us get past the marketing hype and take a more in-depth look at Managed Instance and see what we can do with it.

To get the most out of Managed Instance you need to understand the Azure infrastructure that underpins it and how this behaves, as well as understanding the differences between General Purpose and Business Critical tiers.
There is far more to Managed Instance than meets the eye and if you do not understand the details then you run the risk of spending a lot more money and not getting the performance you want.
During this training day we will cover the core Azure infrastructure components that underpin Managed Instance and look at how these can impact its usability and performance. We will work through use cases and migration scenarios that are available for us to use when it comes to making the jump to Azure. We will also look at how applications that use with SQL Server on-premises can be updated to get the most out of Managed Instance, including authentication and high-level architecture.

The Speaker :

John Martin

John Q. Martin (@SQLDiplomat) is a product manager at SentryOne focused on the company’s DevOps suite of data performance management solutions. John is also a Microsoft Data Platform MVP with more than a decade of experience with SQL Server and the Microsoft Data Platform. John is an experienced DBA, developer, and former Microsoft Premier Field Engineer. Having worked with SQL Server for the last decade, he has gained a broad understanding of how you can use, and misuse, SQL Server. John is also the EMEA representative to the PASS Board, effective January 1st, 2018.


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18:30 Session Start
20:30 Session Ends + Networking
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