Fun with Clustered Columnstore Indexes and In-Memory OLTP

Join Frederik Bogaerts and Stijn Wynants at Cronos for a talk about Clustered Columnstore Indexes and In-Memory OLTP in SQL Server 2016.  Fun guaranteed because they will be combining both technologies and even demo it for you!

The Speakers :

Stijn Wynants

Stijn Wynants has been working with SQL Server for 2 years now as a DBA Consultant for Kohera.

His SQL Server career started with some work he did with the SQL Server DWH ferrari aka the APS (formerly known as the PDW), and after this I got bitten by the SQL Server bug. I then started working on various SQL Server Projects from Consolidation to performance tuning to production DBA work.

He enjoyed the technology and wanted to know as much about it as he could. So he started blogging and reading on SQL Server. That’s how it became a passion.

Next to his passion for SQL Server, he has one other passion: his English Bulldog Wiske.

Frederik Bogaerts

Frederik Bogaerts works as a SQL Server Consultant at Kohera, mainly focused on query tuning and T-SQL development projects working with a variety of different SQL server versions.

He is always trying to learn more in depth about how the SQL server engine works and how the optimizer thinks.


18:00  Welcome
18:30  Session Start
21:00  Session Ends



Veldkant 33A

2550 Kontich

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