Hacking & Upgrading SQL Server

Upgrading SQL Server with the least amount of downtime - Brecht Vuylsteke

Did you ever hear : “This SQL Server is critical and cannot be offline for an extended period of time” and thought to yourself, what if i could do an upgrade with a minimum of downtime? 
If so, than this session might just be the thing for you. During the session I will demonstrate how critical SQL Servers can be migrated to the most recent version with a minimum of downtime (Spoiler alert, some downtime will be required) 
During the session I’ll cover the following subjects: 

  • Why upgrade? 
  • Several ways to minimize downtime during a SQL migration.
  • How does one perform such an upgrade with minimal downtime? 
  • Potential mistakes made during a SQL Server upgrade. 


Hacking SQL Server - Thomas Vandezande

During my session I’ll attempt to provide you some insights to critically overthink security measures provided for SQL. This will provide you with the mindset to see flaws in security implementations and protect your own data.

Using this knowledge we’ll take a deeper look into SQL Transparant Data Encryption. We’ll dive into the architecture of TDE and determine if we can think of a way to make the implementation obsolete. Ie, can we find a way to decrypt the data on a remote machine? If so, how can we protect ourselves (and our data) from it?

The Speakers :

Thomas Vandezande

In the daily life he’s a Microsoft SQL consultant at Realdolmen with the focus on performance and security. He usually grabs the opportunity to put the security topic on the table whenever a customer contacts him to design a new SQL environment. It’s his personal mission to convince SQL database owners that security should be a top priority and not ‘everybody is a sysadmin’. Every database owner convinced is another step closer to a world without data leaks.

When he’s not working for Realdolmen he’s either scripting (in Powershell offcourse!) or working in his garden that provides him a special place away from stress. Other than that he enjoys everything related to the Italian culture with the main focus on food and coffee.

Brecht Vuylsteke

As a Technical Consultant at Realdolmen, Brecht is assisting customers in designing , architecting and implementing various SQL Server solutions. He’s assisting colleague’s and customers with troubleshooting failed SQL Server Installations, configurations and various performance issues. He’s been with Realdolmen for over 7 years as a SQL guy.


18:00 Welcome + Food & Drinks
18:30 Upgrading SQL Server with the least amount of downtime - Brecht Vuylsteke
19:20 Break
19:30 Hacking SQL Server - Thomas Vandezande
20:20 Session Ends + Networking
21:00 Event Ends


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