Power BI : Double Trouble!

Power BI Report Server

In this Power BI Report Server session, we get to explore the capabilities of running Power BI reports on-premise and how it relates to and Reporting Services. We will discuss how to aquire the product, a brief overview on licensing as well as dicussing the product from both a BI user and IT Pro user perspective.


A day An hour in the life(cycle) of Power BI Reports

So you've built yourself a snazzy report, and minutely layed out the tiles in a dashboard? Excellent! Obviously you want all the right people in your organization to gaze upon the wonder of your creation, so you share the report. What is going to happen when you make some changes, so the report is even more fantastic? What kind of interactions do you require from your end users to stay up-to-date? Are you really prepared to manually share to 20+ people? Sharing reports is cool, but we want it to be as little time consuming for everyone involved as we possibly can.

In this session, we'll take a stroll through some different sharing mechanisms for Power BI Reports and Dashboards and how you can make them accessible for your end users. Using these different mechanisms, we'll lay out a viable way of creating a decent application life cycle for your reports.

The Speakers :

Benni De Jagere

Benni De Jagere is a Senior Data Insights Consultant at Realdolmen, with a strong focus on the Microsoft (BI) Stack.
On a daily basis he turns (large amounts) of coffee into insights for customers, and references witty British comedy way too often. Overly enthusiastic about anything data related, he’s trying hard to keep up with all things new and shiny.

Rumour has it that he's also involved with a rag tag band of data enthusiasts, enjoying themselves while organising cool community things. They go by the name of .. dataMinds!

Steve Verschaeve

Steve Verschaeve is a Data & AI Premier Field Engineer working at Microsoft and has been working with SQL Server for +15 years. He focusses on performance tuning and optimization, Power BI and Cloud Analytics.


18:00 Welcome
18:30 Power BI Report Server - Steve Verschaeve
19:15 Break
19:30 A day An hour in the life(cycle) of Power BI ReportsBenni De Jagere
20:15 Session Ends + Networking
21:00 Event Ends


Realdolmen Kontich
Prins Boudewijnlaan 26 2550 Kontich

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