Power BI : Double Trouble - Part Two!

Building Power BI aggregations on top of Azure Databricks - Nico Jacobs
Azure Databricks gives us the power of Spark without the hassle of managing an Hadoop cluster. It allows for interacting very large data files over a cluster of machines. In the first part of the session we dive a bit into Azure Databricks, showing how it can interact with other players in the Azure stack such as Azure storage, Azure SQL databases etc.

In the second part of the talk we switch over to Power BI. We first show how Azure Databricks can be used as a datasource in Power BI, and end up with an illustration of how the new aggregations in Power BI can be helpful in speeding up Power BI reports on large datasets such as those in Azure Databricks.

How to Expand the Use of Power BI to Your Entire Organisation & Not Create the Report Jungle - Gautier Dumont & Vincent Meyers
Once you have successfully implemented your first Power BI project in your company on a limited scope (few reports and few users), it gets harder and harder to create new reports and give access to new users without losing the control of your reporting. Without a strong methodology, you might create too many dashboards and reports that all look different and have their own specificities, making it a real nightmare for you to maintain. Worse, your users will get lost in a complex use of Power BI and lose faith in your data. In this session, I will show what steps to follow and rules to respect in order to make your users come back and always have the same intuitive experience using Power BI. Analysts will also save a huge amount of time in maintenance, support, and formation for the users that will be more numerous every day.

The Speakers :

Nico Jacobs

Dr. Nico Jacobs is a Microsoft Business Intelligence and SQL Server trainer and consultant at U2U since 2004. Before that, he was a machine learning (data mining) researcher at the computer science department of the University of Leuven where he obtained a PhD in machine learning.

At U2U, Nico creates and delivers courses on the SQL Server business intelligence stack (Integration Services, Analysis Services, Reporting Services …), Power BI, Azure Cortana Intelligence (Big Data) and the traditional relational database environment (database development and administration). Nico is active on Twitter as @SqlWaldorf.

Gautier Dumont

Gautier is a BI business analyst and Power BI expert living in Brussels and working as a consultant at GDVM consulting. He has a master in Finance from the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management and currently has 6 years of experience in Business Intelligence. What he focuses the most on is to think of a global methodology of indicator and report creation to deliver faster and always give the same experience to the users.

Vincent Meyers

With more than 10 years’ experience in Business Intelligence, Vincent gained the autonomy and the expertise of a lot of BI Projects in many areas. As a Business Intelligence Consultant, his role is to develop, analyse, discuss, manage and understand customer’s needs into a decision environment.

His specialities are focused on Microsoft BI technologies, but his main asset is the easy learning and integration.

Specialties: - Autonomy
- Flexibility
- Responsibility
- High Experience with Microsoft BI Technologies
- Execution Speed
- High Level Of Understanding


18:00 Welcome
18:30 Building Power BI aggregations on top of Azure Databricks - Nico Jacobs
19:20 Break
19:30 How to Expand the use of Power BI to your Entire Organisation & Not create the Report Jungle - Gautier Dumont & Vincent Meyers
20:20 Session Ends + Networking
21:00 Event Ends



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