Spark on Azure: A Gentle Introduction & Data Factory introduction

Spark on Azure: A Gentle Introduction 

A gentle introduction to the world of Big Data and Spark. We are going to use Spark notebooks (Jupyter and Zeppelin), which are available on Azure HDInsight to demonstrate the ideal ad-hoc data analytics environment, right from within your browser. Apache Spark is the more or less successor to Hadoop, bringing both a batch and streaming execution model. Once the data is processed we will integrate Power BI on Apache Spark in an interactive way, to build a nice dashboard and visualize our insights. 

Azure Data Factory introduction:

Today’s data landscape for enterprises continues to grow exponentially in volume, variety, and complexity. It is more diverse than ever with on-premises and cloud-born data of different forms and velocities. The data processing must happen across geographic locations, including a combination of open source software and custom processing services. It’s expensive to integrate and maintain. The agility needed can be answered with Azure Data Factory.

The Speakers :

Jan Kesters

Jan Kesters is a Data platform Solutions Architect at Microsoft. Before working at Microsoft he was a Data Consultant and worked in various industries.

He is working mainly in the Data Analytics space and truly believes every company can be a Data Driven company.

His areas of interest include everything that has to do with Data and do something interesting with it.

Nathan Bijnens

Nathan Bijnens is a developer with passion for DevOps, Big Data and IoT, working at Virdata, Technicolor.

Wesley Backelant

Wesley Backelant works at Microsoft as a Technology Advisor for the Data Platform, he is passionate about all things data, big or small.


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