Who, What, When. Monitoring usage of your MS BI stack

You have created great cubes and Reporting Services reports but how do you know if it is being used? Learn how to set up the collection of the usage data and how you can use this data in your decision making. We will talk about how to collect the data, how to build something meaningful from the data and how you can report on top of the data. We will do this for OLAP cubes and for Reporting Services Reports and we will explore ways you can further develop this for your own organization. At the end of the session all participants will leave with all the code as well as the know how to get started with the collection of usage statistics for their Microsoft BI Solutions.

The Speaker :

Ásgeir Gunnarsson

Ásgeir is a Business Intelligence Architect with Össur in Iceland working with Business Intelligence solutions using the whole of the MS BI stack. Ásgeir has been working in BI since 2007 both as a consultant and internal employee. Before turning to BI

Ásgeir worked as a technical trainer and currently teaches BI courses at the Continuing Education Department of the University of Iceland.

Ásgeir is the chapter leader of the Icelandic PASS chapter.

Ásgeir is passionate about data and loves solving problem


18:00  Welcome
18:30  Session Start
21:00  Session Ends



Veldkant 33A

2550 Kontich

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