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Power BI - All Over The Place

This is not going to be an evening where we will talk about one single topic. This is going to be an evening where we will be talking about several topics. The only thing linking the different topics is Power BI. There will be two important topics that deserve more time than the others:

  • Power BI Context(s): this is easy to define, but sometimes hard to understand. What can you expect: definitions, context switching and examples
  • Aggregations in Power BI (Preview): for me one of the best improvements when you need an enterprise solution; so expect some explanation, some examples and some warnings

The rest of the time I will be showing cool things you can use to bring your Power BI reports to the next level. This is the part where I show things smarter people than me have figured out: this can some crazy script or a link to a website where you can find great stuff. It will go all over the place.



Event-driven ETL

So you've been doing your datawarehousing in its traditional sense. You have your ETL set up to start after business hours, load all the new and updated data to have your datawarehouse ready and up-to-date for your business users when they start work the next day.

Now, you're asked to take things to the next level, they want to track data changes when they occur during the day so the DWH is always reporting on the latest data. Event-driven ETL to the rescue, as any type of event in the source system will need to trigger only that specific subsection of your ETL so it doesn't try to load your entire DWH every time one source changes.


In this session we'll explore the possibilities to set up a metadata-based solution to start specific subsegments of your ETL for any source system event and guide you through how a possible framework would be set up to facilitate this.



ML Algorithms on Databricks & Spark Jobs on Azure Batch

How can we use Azure Databricks and Azure data Factory to train our ML algorithms?

This session will show how we can use Azure Databricks as a fully managed service by Microsoft to train and tune our machine learning models. Additionally, I will demonstrate how Data Factory can be used to automate & schedule the whole process of starting and stopping a cluster, training the model and saving it to a blob storage.

During the session I will cover the following subjects:

  • What is Azure Databricks?
  • What is Azure Data Factory?
  • How can we use them together to train our ML models?

The presentation will be followed by a short demo.

Run Spark Jobs on Azure Batch using Azure Container Registry and Blob storage

In this session we will dive into how to use Azure Batch and Azure Container Registry to run containerised Spark jobs. This is useful in typical scenarios where you have many different data sources coming in on a daily basis. Azure Batch automatically scales the number of VMs needed to process all jobs, and automatically shuts down when all jobs are completed. You can use Azure Low Prio VMs in Azure Batch resulting in very low costs for data-intensive workloads. 



Hacking & Upgrading SQL Server

Upgrading SQL Server with the least amount of downtime - Brecht Vuylsteke

Did you ever hear : “This SQL Server is critical and cannot be offline for an extended period of time” and thought to yourself, what if i could do an upgrade with a minimum of downtime? 
If so, than this session might just be the thing for you. During the session I will demonstrate how critical SQL Servers can be migrated to the most recent version with a minimum of downtime (Spoiler alert, some downtime will be required) 
During the session I’ll cover the following subjects: 

  • Why upgrade? 
  • Several ways to minimize downtime during a SQL migration.
  • How does one perform such an upgrade with minimal downtime? 
  • Potential mistakes made during a SQL Server upgrade. 


Hacking SQL Server - Thomas Vandezande

During my session I’ll attempt to provide you some insights to critically overthink security measures provided for SQL. This will provide you with the mindset to see flaws in security implementations and protect your own data.

Using this knowledge we’ll take a deeper look into SQL Transparant Data Encryption. We’ll dive into the architecture of TDE and determine if we can think of a way to make the implementation obsolete. Ie, can we find a way to decrypt the data on a remote machine? If so, how can we protect ourselves (and our data) from it?


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