even more bang for buck!

Summer has started, and we promise we won’t bother you unless we have great news ;)

Thanks to the huge amount of sessions abstracts we received and your participation in our polls on social media, we had an abundance of input.

In order to give as many people as possible the chance to speak we’ve created a sixth track!

  • DBA track
  • DEV track
  • BI track
  • Power BI track
  • Advanced Analytics track
  • Newcomer track

And that’s not all, we’ve also added a sixth slot to all of the six tracks. Now if that isn’t worth your while!

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What we have in store for you

  • 41 sessions + 1 keynote
  • 2 days
  • 5 precon sessions on Oct 15th
  • 5 ? 6 tracks with each 5 ? 6 sessions on Oct 16th
  • 5 ? 6 newcomer sessions on Oct 16th (NEW!)
  • 2 ask the expert sessions (NEW!)

Some fun facts 

  • 12 nationalities - We’ve brought together speakers from around the world: United States, New Zealand, Ukraine, India and much more. Like always, our Belgian speakers are represented in great numbers too!
  • In total 41 speakers will give a session.
  • 5 level 400 sessions, 13 level 300 sessions, 21 level 200 sessions and 2 level 100 sessions.

Reasons enough why you can’t miss out on the largest Microsoft Data Platform Conference in the Benelux. Hurry up, there’s only 11 days left for you to get your early bird tickets and save:

  • Pre-conference & conference €375 ? €325
  • Conference €175 ? €150
  • Valid until 15/07/2018

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Fuel your data engine

Every day, new things are happening in the data community. At dataMinds - - Connect we give you insights to fuel your data engine. With our preconference and conference sessions we’ve got you covered. This, of course, will be followed by finger licking food and refreshing drinks while you can have a chat with other data enthusiasts. We're halfway with our early bird ticket sale for #dataMindsConnect, get your discount while you still can ;).

Precon featured speaker sneak peak

We’ve announced Uwe Ricken and Enrico van de Laar.

We’re excited to announce the next name for you to add to your agenda: Hugo Kornelis --SQL Server community expert   

Our DEV track will be manned by Hugo Kornelis, an established SQL Server community expert. He’s a blogger, technical editor of a variety of books and Pluralsight author. He is a SQL Server MVP since 2006 and spends a lot of time at conferences.

Hugo is a community collaborator when not busy at his day job as freelance database developer and consultant. The most recent proof of this is the Execution Plan Reference, an online repository for all things you’d ever want to know about execution plan operators!

In this full-day workshop, you will learn everything you need to know to take your understanding of execution plans to the next level. 

We'll also discuss and preview several operators that were introduced or modified in the newer versions of SQL Server.

In short: after this workshop, you will be better prepared to look at execution plans, find the spot where it hurts, and then rewrite your query to get a faster execution plan. 

Does this trigger you? The Call for Speakers for dataMinds Connect is still open until June 15th, be quick if you want to make your mark in the data community.

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Now it’s up to you Let’s vote.

Little more than 4 months till dataMinds – Connect! We’re counting down the days, hope you are too! Do you want to pitch in and help shape the conference? Now it’s up to you: Submit your session abstract now!

Precon featured speaker sneak peek

We’ve kicked-off announcing our precon speakers with Uwe Ricken. Who’s up next? Enrico van de Laar, Co-founder of Data Masterminds

On our Advanced Analytics track Enrico van de Laar will tell you more about Applied Data Science for BI Professionals and DBA’s in his precon session. He’s been working with data in all kinds of formats and sizes for over 15 years.
As a BI professional and/or DBA you are probably used to working with data every day, but what if business requirements can no longer be met through traditional solutions? How and where do you start with things like exploratory data analysis or machine learning?

With this full day workshop, you will learn the skills you need to take your first steps in the area of data science. Excited? Buy your early bird ticket now and be there at the The Ghelamco Arena in Ghent.

Now it’s up to you

At dataMinds Connect we give the floor to key speakers in the data community. We have interesting discussions about Microsoft technologies and inspire each other.

Now it’s up to you, tell us what makes you tick. Join the conversation on Twitter and vote on these topics: We’re very interested in hearing what you are interested in.

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Share your knowledge!

Only three weeks left till the Call for Speakers closes. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to share your knowledge and increase your visibility in the data community. We’ve had great submissions so far and are very pleased to share a first sneak peek of the precon session for our DBA track!

Featured speaker sneak peek

Learn about protecting your data (Security in SQL Server) with Uwe Ricken 

He earned the “Microsoft Certified Master – SQL Server 2008” certification and he received an MVP award for his outstanding support to the Microsoft SQL Server Community in Germany and Europe. He was the first ever MCM + MVP in Germany.This workshop, filled to the brim with hands-on demos and exercises, will guide you through most aspects of security features in SQL Server.

Uwe will provide you with a myriad of tips & tricks, configuration best practices, and most likely a number of entertaining anecdotes based on his many years in the field. 

We’re not telling you any more right now, as it’s a sneak peek.

However, when we say the precon line-up is astonishingly good, you can take our word for it.

As per usual, we’re anxiously waiting for this year’s dataMinds -- Connect! Are you counting down the days as well? Buy your early bird ticket now!


Why we want you

We're still looking for people that are eager to take the stage and fill 60 minutes with a mind-blowing session. All submissions (level 100 - 500+) related to the Microsoft (Azure) Data Platform Stack are welcome.

The Call for Speakers for dataMinds Connect is still open until June 15th, so don’t wait too long. With 5 sessions on each of our 5 tracks to fill, we're looking forward to your submission, so we can all join forces for an amazing next edition!

Why you should take the plunge

Are you still doubting about giving a first session? Great news, this year we’re hosting a brand-new ‘Newcomer’ track. All ‘newcomers’ are teamed up with one of our external mentors for guidance. 

Don’t hesitate and just give it a try. Host one of the five newcomer sessions and submit your abstract here. Feeling unsure? Contact us via so we can give you more information and guidance.

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Register now for dataMinds Connect and save!

The countdown for dataMinds -- Connect on 15 and 16 October, has started. Don’t want to miss out? Our early bird ticket shop is open for business! Register now and be part of the largest Microsoft Data Platform Conference in the Benelux. 

  • Pre-conference & conference € 375 → € 325
  • Conference € 175 → € 150
  • Valid until 15/07/2018
  • Ends in 60 days

Why you can’t miss out

  • 35 sessions + 1 keynote
  • 2 days
  • 5 precon sessions on Oct 15th
  • 5 tracks with each 5 sessions on Oct 16th
  • 5 newcomer sessions on Oct 16th (NEW!)
  • 2 ask the expert sessions (NEW!)

Ask your expert

Do you have a pressing question? For the first time in dataMinds history we’re hosting an ‘Ask the Expert’ booth. We give you the opportunity to ask questions (architecture, best practice, technical...) that are answered directly by national and international experts. This means: come prepared and be amazed!

Your company featured as a partner?

Drop by and say hi at

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Save the date: 15-16 Oct

We have great news! As you’ve probably read on our social channels, dataMinds -- Connect, the largest Microsoft Data Platform Conference in the Benelux, is back! 

Place to be: The Arena, Ottergemsesteenweg Zuid, 808 B41 - 9000 Ghent
When: 15 and 16 October 2018 

  • 35 sessions + 1 keynote 
  • 2 days 
  • 5 precon sessions on Oct 15th 
  • 5 tracks with each 5 sessions on Oct 16th 
  • 5 newcomer sessions on Oct 16th (NEW!) 
  • 2 ask the expert sessions (NEW!) 

Our speakers will bring their wit and wisdom to tell you more about their experiences in a keynote and fascinating sessions. Be among the first to get insights and updates about the Microsoft Data Platform whilst enjoying finger licking food and refreshing drinks. 

Get to know (and greet) your Data masterminds and exchange ideas with other Data enthusiasts. 

Excited? Sit tight, we’re opening the early bird ticket shop next week!

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